• Grilled-Salmon

    Grilled salmon $15.99

    Our golden grilled Atlantic Salmon from the fire right to your table. Served with choice of one side.

  • Grilled-Chicken-breast

    Grilled chicken breast $12.99

    Our boneless chicken breasts, lightly seasoned and grilled to moist and tender perfection. Comes with a side of your choice.

  • Grilled-mahi-mahi

    Grilled mahi-mahi $16.99

    Our mahi-mahi filets, hand cut from loin, lightly seasoned and grilled, so the look accompanied with taste. Comes with a side.

  • Grilled-Shrimp-Kebob

    Grilled shrimp kabob $15.99

    Grilled shrimps, prepared to perfection, high in protein and low in fat. Order includes Seafood World's salad bar, complete with soup or hot vegetables.

  • Fresh-Lobster-pick-from-the-tank

    Fresh Lobster $19.99

    A "Pick from the tank", as fresh as it can be lobster special. Having fresh lobster for dinner is a wonderful dining experience that everyone should find a way to try.

  • Crab-legs-by-Lb

    Crab legs by Lb $18.95

    Our Crab Legs have no match on the beach.