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Southern Fried Seafood and Hushpuppies … Yum ! When visiting the beautiful Grand Strand on your next vacation trip you will undoubtedly encounter many restaurants advertising World Famous Calabash Style Seafood . These are the facts concerning that delicious fare .
North Carolina is known for its bountiful seafood harvested from its coastal waters . And , Calabash is a small town located just across the border from South Carolina and only minutes from downtown North Myrtle Beach , in Brunswick County that inspired that name (and now style) of Calabash seafood . In fact , this small town goes so far as to tout itself as being the Seafood Capital of the World .
Calabash got its name from a vegetable that is grown in the area-a gourd . Residents once dried these gourds out to use them as drinking vessels . It was not until the 1930s that this small town of approximately 700 residents started to become known for its fabulous fried seafood . Today it boasts dozens of Calabash Seafood Restaurants . Read More …